Let me share a testimony from a friend and partner in ministry about her delight in praying the book of Psalm. 


This past year, the book of Psalm encouraged me so much that it became a six-month study.  Let me tell you about my experience.  I first read through the entire book of Psalm.  In June, I read through the Five Psalms a day, praying through only the first Psalm listed each day of the month.  In July, I chose to dwell on the word LOVINGKINDNESS as I read and then prayed through the second Psalm listed for each day of the month.  In August, I chose the word RIGHTEOUSNESS and prayed through the third Psalm.  In September, I chose FEAR and prayed through the fourth Psalm.  In October, I chose FAITHFULNESS, REDEEM, and REJOICE and prayed the fifth Psalm.  In November, I chose RIGHT HAND and prayed through any Psalm I had missed over the past months.  Each time I prayed through Psalm 119, I chose different words to dwell on.  I felt the Lord lead every time I read.  And each time I read I found a word to keep me focused as I was reading.  I found that reading and praying the book of Psalm was an amazing study and I pray that the Lord will impress hearts to take it even further.      Blessings to you all, Beth Workman


Evangelism Explosion Prayer Network is currently involved in a 40 Days of Prayer challenge that began on January 10, 2021.  We are reading Donald S Whitney’s book entitled Praying the Bible during the 40 days.  Whitney is encouraging his reader to use the book of Psalm to invigorate prayer in the believer’s life.  Whitney makes this profound statement in his book, “The Spirit of God will use the Word of God to help the people of God pray increasingly according to the will of God.”  The testimony by Beth Workman is how she used Donald S Whitney’s Five Psalm method.  This method is explained fully in his book Praying the Bible.  I encourage you to read his book and connect with other prayer warriors across this nation through our website at eeprayernetwork.org and pray with us and for us.  We invite you to connect using the “sign up today” tab on the homepage of the website. 


Also, you can access a helpful free app for Praying the Bible.  The website is biblicalspirituality.org and the app is called Five Psalms.   The app not only does the math for you (this explanation is included in Whitney’s book) but actually includes the text (ESV Translation) of the five “Psalms of the Day.”  Again, it is free for both iOS and Android platforms.  There are no hidden costs, in-app purchases, subscription fees, etc. 


Susan Reecer

EE Prayer Coordinator

2 thoughts on “Let me share a testimony…

  1. I read Donald Whitney’s book last year but because of EE Prayer Network’s daily discipline I am becoming more intentional of reading each Psalm from the New Living Translation. Psalm 13 became especially meaningful to me last week. The words of David in verse 2, “anguish of soul” expressed my current struggle with Covid-19 and the divisive and angry culture that has become so oppressive. “With sorrow in my heart every day” also gave a deeper meaning to David’s “anguish of soul.” I found such help to my own soul that I shared it with a congregant of mine who found the Psalm very consoling to her spirit. How I desire for God to “restore the sparkle to my eyes.” (v. 3). I can heartily “sing to the LORD because he is good to me.” (v. 6). Praying the Bible has brought new zest to my prayers that now vibrate with the energy and power of God. (Hebrews 4:12). To God Be the Glory, Darrell Farney

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