Happy New Year!  As 2020 has passed, we look with anticipation at a new year!  2021 has arrived!  As we were reminded during the Christmas holiday, the wise men, which in Greek is magos: men of knowledge specializing in astrology, medicine or natural sciences.

These wise men sought after a bright light they saw in the sky which led them to the King of Kings and Lord and Lords.  The light still shines!  It shines to remind us of the “HOPE” that is found in Jesus Christ alone.  The word hope is used often during the season we’ve just celebrated.  We “hope” for things, we “wish” for something.  But when we consider the “Hope” associated with Jesus Christ, it’s not a ‘wishing’ kind of hope.  It’s a ‘faith’ kind of hope.  A hope that is certain.

Our promise-keeping Savior did what he said he’d do.  He came to earth, He lived a perfect life, He died on the rugged cross for the sins of all mankind.  He rose from the dead.  He’s offering an eternal home in heaven for all you receive Him through faith.  He’s the answer to all of life’s questions.  He’s the solution to all of our problems.  He’s the ‘light’ that still shines.  Like the wise me, who sought Him until they found Him.  Let’s keep seeking after Jesus and pointing others to His saving grace.

Prayer keeps us remembering what He did for All people-and for us.  Prayer communicates our appreciation to Him.  Prayer allows us the open opportunity to communicate with God on behalf of all those we know that need to seek Him.  PRAY!  Make prayer a special part of your life this year.