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During each 40 day prayer challenge, we challenge ourselves to commit to 40 days of prayer as we seek to deepen our prayer life with a  “Growing in Prayer”  book study.  Our next book study will be announced in August.  We just completed  Praying The Lord’s Prayer For Spiritual Breakthrough by Elmer L. Towns.  .   A weekly prayer guide highlighting requests and praises for the ministry of Evangelism Explosion, as well as, prayers for our nation, churches, pastors, and unbelievers is posted weekly on Sunday.

FOR  A  40 Day Prayer Challenge:

  • Beginning on day ! of the challenge,  we unite our hearts in prayer as we strengthen our prayer life with the new book study! .
  • A weekly prayer guide is posted every Sunday throughout the challenge.  This guide  references the current prayer emphasis.
  • Grab a buddy, a new believer, a family member and begin a prayer partnership with someone. Grow together as prayer warriors, encouraging each other, and challenging one another.  Make it a priority to meet once a week (or more, if you can) and pray together.  
  • Download the Prayer Guide each week (weekly guides are posted on Sunday) 
  • Go to and sign up as a global prayer partner with the international ministry of Evangelism Explosion.   Stay tuned for the title of our next “growing in prayer” book study.
  • If you choose not to participate in the “Growing in Prayer” Book study, please continue to unite with EE Prayer Network , praying together in one accord.  We want you to pray with us for a harvest of souls, for the staff and missionaries of Evangelism Explosion, for many workers in the field, for the great commission to be proclaimed, and for  Spiritual Awakening in America.


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