CURRENT CHALLENGE: September 13 – November 4, 2021

SUGGESTED READING: Praying the Names of Jesus by Ann Spangler

Each 40 Days of Prayer Challenge includes a weekly prayer guide for use while you are reading the suggested supplemental book.  If you choose to not read a book or have chosen a different  book, simply download the prayer requests only page and continue to pray with us.

  • Even if you are a returning prayer warrior, we encourage you to sign up for each challenge to let us know that you are praying. We’d love to pray for you. Contact us on the “contact us tab” of the website and let us know how we can pray for you.

  • Monday – Friday each week is devoted to studying and praying a particular name of Jesus. Check out the introduction page on page 12 of Ann Spangler’s book for more details regarding the specifics.

  • Choose one day a week to connect with your prayer people. Make your time together enjoyable and inspirational.  Whatever day you meet, challenge each other to reflect upon what you have studied and read and pray the names of Jesus together.  Then take time to intercede on behalf of the ministry of EE, churches, pastors, our country, believers and unbelievers.  Requests will be listed in the prayer guide or on the downloadable prayer request only link. 

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